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Call Of Duty 4: ModernWarfare 1

sold in 2 versions. GameDisk will contain version 1.0 or 1.6. an update is needed for 1.7(final)


NEW PunkBuster Info

The final patch is version 1.7 for CoD4:

1.7 fixes a cheat exploit & a glitch in a weapons file. The 1.6 patch has the FREE map pack & a lot of bug fixes. 'game of the year edition' for PC comes in version 1.6. You Have to install 1.6 patch before 1.7 if you have any other version, but 1.6 has all previous version combined plus the MapPack. You should ignore all other versions if you have 1.0 thru 1.5. Install 1.6 to get all the maps & some bug fixes. Then install 1.7patch(final) because 1.7 only upgrade 1.6 to 1.7 unlike 1.6 patch which has all previous updates in One. You have to get the new maps in 1.6 to play them in 1.7version. You can see your version in the right bottom corner of CoD4's main screen. Final version 1.7.568. Installing 1.6 then 1.7, or reinstalling 1.7 will not hurt your installation or stats.

These are the new servers I.P. address and
 New Zombie Mod Server @
to use skill points /bind B mp_quickmessage  //Default B or the button of your choice
We have a very fast 16-core Bulldozer CPU server. and we try and keep it running smoothly, with lowest Pings possible.
This costs money, if you wish to help plz donate.
Server ban files will be reset on May 20, cause more people get off work at 5pm. 520, for those who can't 420
Fact: There has never been a reported death by TetraHydroCannabinol, T.H.C. is the chemical in weed that gets you high. Although animal studies suggest that THC's LD50 for humans indicates that about 1,500 pounds (680 kg) of cannabis would have to be smoked within 14 minutes. 1,500lbs = $2million
LD50 = Lethal dose for half of test subjects
Admins are in server to administer rules:
They are not a special class of gamer, they abide by the same rules as anyone else
We choose admins for maturity, and for an adult game
Trash talk is allowed, including cuss words, as we do NOT censor the internet
This means people are free to be a d-bag
Any name is allowed except Our name ThC or ThC+ inside ANY kind of bracket, ||(){}[]
No Trolling, it's vague, but our admins decide what is funny & what is extreme trolling
No harassing people to point of rage, you can't repeatedly attack someone, if they aren't participating & Feel harassed. since Kids do play CoD4, it can be easy to go too far.
Admins are required to be more tough skinned to protect others, as they rely on us to take action from a neutral perspective. It's OK to for them to Bully a Bully, kicking should be the last resort.
No spamming or advertising, meaning repeating the same thing twice or congesting chat with ideology no one cares about. Some light debate is OK
No spamming commands, more than 1 every 5 seconds will be ignored by the server
harassment = a series of attacks that would cause a reasonable person to become alarmed, or seriously annoyed. No unwelcome sexual advances, or repetitive attacks on religion/race to purposely upset, disturb or cause a hostile situation
Admins Do enforce rules & are free to do as they see fit
For example: if you shoot them from under the map, they might do it to you, to show you how unfair it is & then you CRY it's against the rules. Then we would know you knew the rules, you will be kicked.
or a Hacker is Aimbotting or WH, we might go into AdminMode which makes us immune to bullet, them we seek out and only shoot the hacker making them rage before we ban them.
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